Artist Statement

I paint to create joy and give hope for healing. Living on the Gulf Coast, my artistic themes often reflect a fascination with the coast’s natural phenomena, varied sea life, and the ability of the water, waves and sand to calm our souls. 

A consistent theme in my work is also the strength of the feminine spirit. My broken shell portraits are aimed to represent women as resilient survivors. Like the female spirit, shells ravaged by waves lose fragments along their journey, but their rough edges are softened and their strong inner core is revealed. It is my hope that the imagery encourages women to view life's scars as emblems of their strength to be worn proudly. They are not damaged, but poised and dignified. This body of work is a visual departure from my original “Women of Spirit” series of colorful figurative monoprints that portray the positive female stance with vibrancy, texture and color. As my themes remain constant, the visuals and media continue to evolve.


A native of Mobile, Alabama, Bryant Whelan is an award-winning artist living on the Gulf Coast, and also serves as Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, Alabama.

 Upon receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University Whelan continued her studies to include printmaking, papermaking and painting workshops, figure study groups and plein air societies in multiple U.S. cities and abroad. Her fine art can be found in galleries along the Gulf Coast and in private collections throughout the country. She is active in several art associations and is a member of Mississippi Art Colony.


City of Gautier Plein Air Competition, 2nd place, 2017

Peoples Choice Award, Singing Rive3r Art Association Spring Show, 2017

Award of Excellence / Mixed Media, Singing River Art Association Spring Show, 2017

Award of Excellence / Acrylic, Ocean Springs Art Association Fall Show, 2016